My book essential 2 tb weird sound?


to all of you.

I have Western Digital My book Essential 2TB drive, actually it is one year old, it is running very fine, but each and after some seconds it sound like “thek-thek”, I can feel this sound and this effect by touching the drive.Also, I downloaded the Utilities from the WD Website for checking the disk, but these utilities dont detect this drive and also my old 1 tb drive.Please help me.Hope to see reply soon.Thank You.




It is very difficult to give you a suggestion on a weird sound based on description. 

But I can recommend that you take a look at this link:

How to tell if the noise or sound the drive is making is normal 

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Firstly, Thank you for this reply, about the sound I’ll check the link that you provided to me, but Can you tell me why WD Utilities program is not able to detect WD hdd? and also please tell with which program I check the WD external hdd to determine its health.Hope to see reply soon.

Thank You.