My Book Essential 2 TB USB 3.0 Not recognized by Windows 8 File History

I want to back up files to my My Book Essential 2 TB USB 3.0 using Windows 8 File History but it’s not recognizing the drive. 

The drive is visible in My Computer and File Explorer and I can save and retrieve files on it using other applications without any problems, File History appears to be the only app I’m struggling with.  2 other external drives (Freeagent and Freecom) are being recognized by File History.

So far I’ve:

  •  I believe I’ve downloaded and run the latest firmware update for the My Book (followed the instructions but not sure how to check)
  •  I believe also downloaded and installed the latest Windows 64x SES Driver ( again followed the instructions but not sure how to check)
  •  Removed Document locations that were included in the Windows 8 File Explorer Libraries
  •  Swapped the USB 3.0 cable into another USB 3.0 port.

All to no avail.  :cry:

Any ideas?


This thread at Microsoft discusses some cases of unrecognized drives. Hope it helps.

The search terms I used in Google are “windows 8 file history recognize drive”. I just gave the first likely answer. There might be more.

Good Luck!

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Thanks Kieren,

I should have said that I’ve already spent quite a bit of time performing various Google searches for an answer and had already seen that thread along with many others. 

To be honest posting on the WD Community was my last resort as I always try to find the answer myself first.

Thanks again.


Understood! You never know, so you throw the kitchen sink. I’m still a Win 7 person so I don’t have any personal experience to fall back on. Maybe WD staff, or one of the heavy advisors will chime in.

Thanks to you, too! I hope you get it worked out.

I think I’ve found the solution by remapping my drive to a different drive letter (X: was suggested).  It seems to be working at the moment anyway! :smiley:

Excellent! :robotvery-happy: