My Book Essential 2.0

I purchased a 1TB My Book Essential 2.0 last week from a local retailer.  I was surprised to find that it did not come with any kind of backup software preinstalled (my own fault, I know, for not checking first).   I’ve been searching through the WD support & downloads to see if there is any other software that is compatible with this drive.  So far, I’ve run out of luck.  I was hoping to avoid that hassle of a return /exchange.

Does anyone know of any backup software that is compatible with this drive?

Thank you, in advance, for your help!

I just use Windows Backup which is built into all versions of Windows starting with XP. If you have XP home edition you may need to install this seperatly from your Windows CD, but otherwise it should be pre-installed. It works great, does full-system backups, and can be set to automaticly backup on a timer.