My Book Essential 1TB USB 3.0 problem

Hey guys, I have a weird problem. My external drive is in my laptops USB 3 port, and it works, sometimes. Sometimes it does not work with the USB 3 speed but works with the speed of USB 2, this behaviour is very random. It might go from USB 3 transfer rate to USB 2 in the middle of a transfer, and continuing with USB 3 Speed later. I have tried to find any connection why this is happening and how I could fix it but I havent found any.

It is very important for me to keep the transfer rate at a USB 3 level constantly, because I’m using this program called Fraps to record my videogames and im storing it directly to the external drive because my laptop has only one physical drive.

I’d be thankful for any help with this :slight_smile:


If you test your drive with a different USB 3.0 port or test your drive with a different computer do you get the same issue