My Book Essential 1TB USB 3.0 not recognized by Windows 7

There in no Problem when I plug-in my external drive to my USB 2.0. It works fine.

But when I plug the driver in to my USB 3.0, nothing happens. NOTHING

I try to update my USB 3.0 driver and still nothing happens.

I try to find the external driver in “mange computer” there is noting !

I Try to update the firmware of my external HDD/ software did not find my WD external Driver, even in USB 2.0



Asus N61JQ-JX093V

Windows 7 Premium x64

My Book Essential 1TB with USB 3.0

what happens when you connect another 2.0 device in the 3.0 port?

I connect now a normal usb 2.0 External Hard Drive to my USB 3.0 Port and nothing happens !

So that would mean that yiur 3.0 ports are not working properly if you connected 2.0 to 3.0 its backwards compatible so it would transfers at 2.0 speed

thank you for your answer. I think i have to contact ASUS now :frowning: or any ideas for my problem ?

Is USB 3.0 supported and enabled in your BIOS?


yes it is enabled.


I have same problem. Drive is External WD MyBook Essential 1 TB USB 3.0/2.0. OS is Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. If I enter the BIOS and try to use the built-in EzFlash utility the morherboard recognizes the drive, I can access it and I can brose the folders on the drive. But under Windows I cannot. The power cable is plugged in of course. In the BIOS USB 3.0 is enable. I have upgraded to the latest BIOS version and I have downloaded and installed all available drivers from ASUS web page. It is very strange, that in the Control Panel I can see the icon of the drive. Its status is working properly. But if I open the My Computer icon on desktop, the drive is not among the available drives. I have tried to plug it into a 2.0 USB port, but the situation is the same. It is also very strange, that whenever I plug the cable into a 3.0 port, the tool tip says that this device could work in faster mode in USB 3.0 port. (However it is in an USB 3.0 port.) The tooltip disappears, but the drive is not visible… Any idea? 

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