My Book Essential 1TB (USB 3.0) - Categorizing your files keeps running

Hi, I have a My Book Essential 1 TB (USB 3.0) with the WD SmartWare software.  Does anyone have any idea why the software, under the Home tab, never finishes the “Categorizing your files” bar at the top?  Also, under the Backup tab, the backup won’t finish (goes for a little bit the stops).  

Drive worked fine out of the box several weeks ago, but just started doing this.

I’ve tried serveral things:  Disconnected drive, then reconnected.  Uninstalled, then reinstalled software.  Same results.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.


Be sure to use the latest smartware version and to check if the backup is complete or not just compare the two columns on the backup tab, both should have the same blue blocks.