My Book Essential 1TB does not run anymore

This happened after my pc is unable to read all the (4) partitioned drives on my external drive. I have managed to recover files from 2 partitioned drives and formated the drives. Coming up to recovering the 3rd partitioned drive, my pc seemed to be unable to connect to the whole drive. Each time i unpulg the drive and restart it, i can see the padlock sign at the bottom blinking and feel the drive running (vibrations). This goes on for a minute or two until the vibrations stop, but i still see the blinking light but my pc is still unable to detect any drives on ‘my computer’. I have tried the following: - Trying it out on another PC (with same result) - Changing cables (USB) Is there any other options that i can try out there! Pls help!

You can use either Recuva or Photorec to recover the data and then replace the drive.