My Book Essential 1 TB will install drivers on computer but won't show up on Computer

I just bought a WD My Book Essential, 1 TB and I’m trying to access it on my Windows 7 Laptop but when I plugged it in, it registers and installs the drivers, telling me my device is ready for use. When I open My Computer, it doesn’t display the hard drive. Even in the control panel, it will say that it’s connected to the external hard drive but I havfe no way of accessing it. I can only safely eject it and every time I plug it in agin, it will tell me that it’s installing the drivers for the WD device and that it is ready for use.I’ve tried restarting my computer, different usb ports etc, but nothing seems to work.


Can you post your drive model number in order to assist you better.

Where do I find the drive model number?

Did you check in Disk Management and make sure the drive is assigned a drive letter and is online?


The disk doesn’t show up on Disk Management.