My book essential 1,5 TB unllocated

Hi all, I have a My book essential 1,5 TB (black case). I haven’t use it for a while and wanted to use it again. But there were no response - I learned, that the case electronic has died - so I put the drive in PC (connected it as a second drive). Here is the problem (running with Win10):

  • windows does not recognize the drive
    I mounted it on two different PC’s and one external case and still windows does not recognize the drive.
    I tried with MiniTool Partition Wizard - here I see the drive - but is unllocated. Looked up on www and all the solutions I found will erase the data on the drive - of course I do not want that - all suggest to backup it, but if I can not get to the data, how to do that?
    There is still data on drive, please any solutions,
    kind regards, Holko

My Books are Hardware Encrypted … if you remove the hard drive from the original enclosure the disk and data is encrypted.

You could try decrypting the hardware keys but this requires Linux OS and Tools and there’s no guarantee it will work.

Discussion thread is here … best of luck.

Hi JoeySmyth,
thx for the quick replay, I’m shocked by this info, but sorry for my reaction - WTF?? - so case drops dead and now what - I did not expect that from a company like WD.
I do not have the means to do decrypting (also read the thread - it is 4 years old and am from Europe, so…).
I do have one one more option - my father in law has also a simmilar book - will my drive work in that case? Fingers crossed it does ?!
Let me know, kind regards, Holko