My Book Essentails USB 3.0


Is the My Book Essentials 3 TB USB 3.0 Model WDBACW030030HBK compatible with mac computers on the interface USB 3.0. I Read from TopTenReviews  that “…When reformatted to use a Mac, only USB 2.0 connectivity is avaialble…”

Please advise as I purchased 4 WD drives and need to know if I should return them or not as I use a Mac and I need a USB 3.0 connectivity.




If the MAC computer that you are going to use is USB 3.0 compatible, you should be able to use the drive as a 3.0


At this moment most Apple computers are not produced with native USB 3.0 ports or connectors, and a few Power Macs are bundled with 3rd party solutions that may not work with all USB 3.0 compliant devices. If your computer is not equipped with native USB 3.0 ports, then USB 3.0 devices will work with performance equivalents of the ports on your computer.