My Book Ess Erased Accidentally User Manual gave hope

Hi. I asked the support team after making a very…VERY HUGE mistake on my part. I completely erased this hard drive. I clicked something accidentally using my keyboard…not knowing what I clicked, I just clicked yes I’m sure. Everything was lost(over 2000 songs, pictures, documents, etc). Not long after I started saving new items. I learned about the support team and mentioned erasing the drive accidentally but was told if I did nothing right after I deleted everything, all could have possibly been recovered. I just browsed the user online guide and page 5 says I can Bring back files even folders effortlessly. Any knowledge and advice would be awesome as some music CDs have been scratched up

and how does it say to do it ? … unusual for a “guide” to mention something important and not give any further information about it.

to “Bring back files and folders” requires Data Recovery which is not effortless, time extensive and no guarantee you’ll be able to recover all your data … especially if you’ve begin ‘saving new items’ to the hard drive (which is the worst thing you can do to decrease the chances of recovering your data)

PS. Data Recovery requires a secondary hard drive to recover the data too. ie. you can’t recover data to the same hard drive that you deleted everything off.