My book esential problem?

ok , I have a 500 gb my book esential ( old model ) , and recently I got an error msg when I plug-in harddisk .

the msg is something like : do you want to fix it from error ?

so I backed up a non-damged data .

now . I download the ( Western Digital Data LifeGuard Diagnostics ) , and i got an error msg just in quick test stage .

so is there any tool to fix this problem , maybe bad sector ?

OS : windows 7



Try using TestDisk to test and fix the drive for data corruptions or bad sectors.-

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that what i did so far :

1- format it ( unchicked ‘quick format’ ) , and the format took 5 hrs !

2- tried Testdisk , didn’t find any error ( i read the decomentation here and I think its for partition problem ? i don’t know , BTW : I had only one partition )

3- finally i tried 3rd-party program ( hdd regenarator ) to fix bad sectors , and after 1 day scaning+fixing the program fix 300+ bad sector .

4- now , I run ( Western Digital Data LifeGuard Diagnostics ) to test it and i got this error

note : this error appears after formating

thanks for any help