My Book Escential problem

I have an issue with my 1 TB my Book Essential external hard drive. I have it set into two partitions, a 70 Gig Fat32 one, and the rest NTFS. Here is the issue, one partition will mount and the other will not. And when it tries to mount the other one, Explorer crashes. I am running Windows 7 64-bit. I have tried updating the firmware, accessing it in safe mode and it will not work. What is wrong? All this started after it fell off my table, and its powered through a power strip (googling this, people sugested that running straight from the wall works better)

Now when it tries to mount, it boggs down my computer. I think the partition is errored out, but I cant fix it.

I am close to ripping the drive open and putting the hard disk in my computer and seeing what I can do, it may be a faulty connector.

Your drive probably has media damage. The safest option is to clone the partition, sector-by-sector, and use data recovery software on the clone. A freeware cloning tool that knows how to skip around bad sectors is ddrescue or dd_rescue.