My book es premium 500 gb usb 2.0 cant access

OS win 7 64bit on a sumsung latop

i can see the drive on “device manger” but there is nothing i can do do access it.

it working good on diffrent latops i got with win XP an VISTA but for some reason does not work on the 7.

im tryin to use a jumper maybe…

how should i place it ?

Did you try other USB ports? Place it in USB port without any type of hub or spliter. Look in disk manager and see if drive is there . It may need a drive letter assigned.


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hello all the problem was solved the only thing was missing was a jumper

Too bad the company doesn’t take care of the products it sells to us.

They should make a patch that reorganizes  “my book”  as  a “slave”  or write a reasonable explanation how to put a jumper on the drive

there is nothing wrong with the usb the drivers or the OS.