I am trting to copy files from My Book ES 2TB to a Go Flex 2TB and within five minutes in to it, My Book disconnects, stops transfering off course and then reconects again.  ANY IDEAS PLEASE!!

I am getting ready to through it our the window.

Try this…  Go to MY Computer and find your drive. Right click on it and click on properties. Under the TOOLS tab run the error-checking. It will take like 20 mins. Dont forget to click on automatically fix file system errors.

I have windows xp so I hope you understood that. 

It happened to my passport many years ago and it worked!

Did it but no errors where found.  Deleted Smart Software from pc and deleted from my book too see/

Restart the computer and then try to transfer your files again. let me know

Removed both the WD Smart warre from PC and drive…everything looks good now.  Go figure!  WD needs to fix this problem.  Its amazing the amount of problems people are having with all the drives…and these are the ones that actually care getting in a Support Forum…I imagine that there are many more consumers that just throw the thing away or waist WD customer service hours.  They should ready these forums more often…

Well, please give kudos and accept solution! Thank you