My Book Elite ubuntu


I m really want to use My Book Elite in Linux but the digitialmeter not working and the front light blinking

Does it sound normal and can I use the drive in this condition without any installation in Linux ubuntu?

But the big concern is How can get the “My Book Elite” features up and running in Linux??

I hope the biggest company in hard drive business does not think abut llinx users???:mansad:

Hi Kraxadmin,

That drive should work just fine on a Linux based system.  It is preformatted NTFS and should be kept as such.  Installing the WD SmartWare software to utilize the backup or ability to change the labeling, unfortunatly that may not happen as the software uses and relies on the .NET framework and there is no framework on Linux to allow the Mac platform framework.

I even asked one of our guys about installing WINE, but this still does not get around the .net  issue.

Sorry I did not have a more positive answer for you.  I do know that Linux support has been requested on the forums for this product but in my experiance, many Linux users do not want anything to do with this software.

tnx James First I am asking about firstpart of Ur answer: ntfs formatted keeping it so. : means That I  could’ntreformate to ext4 or at least to ntfs when it is needed for example with Gparted . as U know The Gparted is the best tool Linux user have for partition stuffs.

And for he second I  anemone of the millions how want Linux supportsI use Linux for at least 5 years and all along I had the exprienceof needing support for hard drives.

Let me clear what is the worth buying My Book Elite without support will the My Book eessential do the same job even more under the current circumstances.:mansad:


The drive must either be formatted NTFS or HFS+.  Either way you can format the dirve as much as you want as long as you are using either of these formats.  These are the only 2 formats that have been tested, and as this drive uses hardware based encryption, we have seen instances of data corruption occur when using formats other then these 2 are used.

Ill forward the request for Linux support of this product, but I would not necessarily get excited yet.  We will have to see