My Book Elite SATA board on My book Essentials - is it possible?

Hello, fellow users.

I’m a not-so-proud owner of a 2 TB My Book Essentials that gracefully decided it didn’t want to be read again, so now it just connects, spins, and sleeps on job. Apparently, this is a common thing. It wouldn’t be so bad if the freaking thing wasn’t encrypted, though. So, I have to replace the SATA board, since that is probably the issue. Problem is, there aren’t any replacement parts - how nice.

I have a My Book Elite 1 TB here too. I read it has the same type of encryption. Could I just switch drives and salvage my data?

Thanks in advance.

It doesn’t. I just YOLOd and did it, but no dice. Would changing the actual HDD PCBs work, though?