My Book Elite: Retrieving Old Backup Content to Newly Restored PC?


It is not clear in the documentation how to setup WDSmartWare on how to retrieve content from an existing backup within “My Book Elite” to a newly (OS reinstalled) PC.

WDSmartWare wants to estabilish only a new backup upon the “My Book Elite” - call it “New Backup”

But WDSmartWare does not seem to note that there is already a backup that I want to retrieve from - call it “Old Backup”.

“Old Backup” contains: Preferences, Favorites, Photos, iTunes, and Videos. No System OS or Software.

How can I make retrieval of “Old Backup” to Newly restored PC? In other words, from the “Retrieve” tab, provide both “New Backup” and “Old Backup”.


Look at post 2