MY Book Elite not Recognized after Windows 7 update

Drive was working fine, I updated my windows and now my computer can not find the drive.  It is not in the device manager and does not ask for a driver when I plug it in.  The light on the front strobes when the power button is pushed, but there is no sound coming from the drive at all.  I would appreciate any help.  The drive is under warranty, but I can’t access it to get my files off.  Thanks in advance.

This may be Windows 7 related issue. If you upgrade your old PC to Win7, check your device manager for any improperly installed (Other Devices). I am not referring to your drive. If you use an Intel chipset motherboard, you need proper drivers for South Bridge which handles the USB ports. Check whether you could use another USB storage device such as a pen drive connected. If you have no issue with pen drive, your WD drive should work without any WD software installed.

Go ahead and do a firmware update if it should recognize the drive  is plugged in. make sure It is also connected directly into a wall outlet not a powerstrip also.  Just to be safe if its not recognized change data cables let me know what happens

Still can not find drive to complete the firmware update.

Firmware???  must be joking! :dizzy_face: Try different PC if you can. This will show which is the culprit.

Took the drive to Geek Squad at Best Buy.  They said it was dead.  They tired different power supplies, USB cords and different OS.  So, they gave me my money back for the piece of ■■■■ and I bought another Seagate HD.  I will NEVER buy WD anything again!!!