My Book Elite "not initialized" after removal from enclosure

I have a slightly older My Book Elite that stopped working when my cat knocked it off my desk. Since a 3-foot drop shouldn’t have affected the drive itself - especially when still in the enclosure - I figured it was probably the interface that was damaged. So I removed the drive and stuck it in a USB docking station. Now the dock appears in my device list, but not the drive itself. In disk management, it says the drive needs to be initialized before it can be accessed. Obviously I’m hesitant since I don’t want to lose my data. Is there anything I can do?

Also, I see that I get the same result if I plug in just the dock with no drive in it. Does this mean my drive is completely dead?

A 3-foot fall is certainly enough to kill a drive.

hey I have the same problem with my drive, except i moved and my drive was working fine before i moved, then i setup everything in my new place and the shortcut is gone and there is no way to open my book even though my computer can see it when i go to device manager but it doesn;t show up under my drives. btw i have windows 10. i appreciate any help, suggestions or guidance. thanks :slight_smile: