MY BOOK ELITE: Move all pictures from PC

Can I move ALL my pictures off my PC to the MY BOOK ELITE ext hard drive and just use the MY BOOK for my picture storage and NOT my PC? What would be the best secondary option for maintaining a back up copy if I only use my PC as a sort of pass through for pictures… CD? My goal is to not use my PC resources for permanent PICTURE STORAGE.

Hi there, you can move the files as you want and for the backup I would use DL-DVDs if I were you ^^

I am not familiar with DL-DVDs.  Are they readily available at big box stores and do they work just like regular DVDs?

They work like regular DVDs, but are a bit harder to get…

You definitely do not want to rely on one drive to store inportant files internal or external no matter who makes it. Make sure you have at least 2 copies.