My book elite (mac) not backing up all and very slow

Sort of complicated story…

Went to back up my macbook and got the message about new firmware/software. I went to the page for the update and it reminded me to back up first. So, i did. I waited a while - the few minutes it usually takes - and got the message (sorry I don’t have it handy so something like:) backup complete. So, I download the firm-? soft-? ware and then realize that it’s still backing up. So I ddidn’t do anything with the new-ware and left it to continue backing up. It got totally stuck. If I paused it and restarted, nothing happened. I ended out closing it down and restarting in order to choose just “pictures” since that was what I was really concerned about., and it went no where.

So, I thought maybe I needed to finish the installation of the new whatever-ware. I followed all of the instructions except that they were contradictory. One said to just unplug the device and wait 10 seconds (the web site) and the other (which came up after doing the download) said to unplug it, “reboot your system” (or something like that) and then plug the WD drive back in. Now, I had no idea if “reboot your system” meant the computer or something I had no idea how to do with the drive. So I went back to the instructions on the original web page and in section 2 it said to restart the computer. So I did. Nothing changed. There was no further message that was to be expected on the screen.

SO… then I went back to the process of backing up and tried again and molassas on a freezing winter day. Left the house, came home and everything BUT the pictures (yes it was checked) backed up.

Now, my sense is that the problem with the backing up predated the attempt at updating the firm/software but, since I know absolutely nothing and depend on just following simple instructions when it comes to computers, I don’t know if I messed it up further or to begin with by attempting to download the update.

HELP??? (BTW, I’ve had the drive for just a week over 6 months.)



(busily burning DVDs)