MY BOOK ELITE-Doesn't Show Updated Files & How to Backup System Files


I have WD My Book Elite and did a backup of my files (Pictures, Other, Music, Mail & Documents).  When I go to my laptop and click on Computer and Click on the G: drive that the WD is using, all that comes up is the Document Files and not even the updated ones show.  The only ones that show is from my very first backup and none of the updates.  Pictures, Other, Music and Mail do not even show up.

Also, is it possible to back up System Files?  It shows it in Gray, but it is not in the Details area to check on for back up.  I also want to know what the Additional Files in Gray is on the WD Elite Side.

Please Help.  The workbook that comes with this is terrible and is of no help


If you connect the drive to a different computer do you experience the same issue? Also if possible reinstall the WD Smartware in your computer.

I’ll try to hook it up to my desktop and see if I can see anything different there.

When the first backup was done, it was done without the WD Smartware and it was set up as NTFS.  This was done by a friend of mine.  When I got the External Drive home, I installed the WD Smartware.  I’ve been doing backups, but when I go to the G: Drive to view what is on My WD, it only shows the Document Files from the first backup and nothing regarding the Pictures, Mail, Other, etc.  Why doesn’t any of this show up?  Could some of the above be the problem?   The fact that it was set up as NTFS and not initially backed up with the Smartware?

Also, if I don’t like the Smartware, can I use a different Software to backup on my Elite, like SyncBack?

If I were to reinstall the WD Smartware, should I first uninstall it and then reinstall?  Where do I go to get the Software again?


One more thing I forgot to mention.  When I was backing up, the section at the top that shows you how much you backed up from what was available was strange.  Mine always shows more than what was available.  In other words, it would show 24.94GB of 23.16GB copied.  It would always show a larger figure on the left side than the right.  Is this weird or am I seeing things.  Shouldn’t it be 24.94GB of 24.94GB copied if successful?

By the way, thanks for the support link.  I’ll look at some of the topics there.

I did read I cannot download the Systems Files or the Additional Files.  Why Not?  Isn’t there some way to do it if you wanted to back up the System Files?