My Book Elite: Backing-up a Restored System: Where are certain file types coming from?


My system crashed and I had backed-up my data files: Images, Videos, iTunes, and documents stored on “My Book Elite”  - call it “Old Backup”.

Following this thread to restore:

I had re-installed my OS but I did not reformat my drive. Yet after re-installing my OS, as expected, my data was not visible (assuming deleted).

So, after the new installation of OS (Win 7), I performed a new backup - call it “New Backup”, with the assumption of performing recovery of “Old Backup” 's data later (following aforementioned link).

However, I noticed that during the process of performing “New Backup”, WD-SmartWare’s Backup (tab) is showing that my “C:” drive is lots of Pictures (1.6 G), Music (200 M), Movies (1 G), and Documents (1 G).

This is a freshly installed OS, and “My Documents” is basically empty (except for the standard samples pictures and movies that come with Win 7, which amount to Pictures (5 M), Music (10 M), and Movies (15 M) ).

So, where are all these other data files coming from, because I am not seeing it within the backup folder on “My Book Elite” 's drive under “New Backup”?

Is it possible it is picking up the hidden files because I re-installed Win 7 OS without reformatting?


To verify the back up retreive the files to see what they are. Then you will determine where the came from.