My Book Elite 2TB: IE and other software unoperational

I got my new MY Book Elite 2TB, installed S/W, back up my hardrives on my PC (Windows XP), and all was good.  A couple of days later when I started my PC and once windows start up completes every thing looks fine until I try to start IE or any other application.  Nothing runs.  I can’t even launch the task Manager.  Wait fo 15 minutes … still the same.

So I unplug the My Book Elite and reboot.  Afte rwindows starts up, still IE or nothing else starts.  Now I can run task Manager, and I can see iexplorer processes running.  So I END all WD*.exe processes and voila, IE starts up and everything is fine.  I can use my PC again.

Has anyone else seen this?  I paid a lot for this drive and I’m not happy that the rest of my system hangs and I can’t do anything until I kill the processes.