My Book Duo

I have an HP computer running Windows 7 x64

I have a Cisco E4200 dual band router with a USB 2.0 port for an external storage device that is addressable over my home network.

I currently have a Fantom 2TB external drive that has been setup and running on this USB port. I am able to access it from my W7 desktop, W7 laptop,  Samsung TV with internet fob, and a friend’s Apple laptop. All work very well, although not at blazing speed with this external drive, but fast enough to stream movies to my TV.

I purchased an 8TB My Book Duo that I have configured as Raid 1, because I want the duplicity of my file backup.

The My Book Duo works well on my HP computer with USB 2.0 and I have copied and backed up files from my Fantom to the My Book. 

However, when I connect the My Book to my router port, I am not able to connect to the drive. The message received is that I have a non-supported device connected to the USB port.

Anyone have any ideas without purchasing a My Cloud Mirror drive?


I haven’t try that. Have you check list of compatible devices for your router?

I checked online and saw a list of supported devices for your router and they don’t have a bigger drive than 2TB

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Thanks for the info. I have decided that it will be best to purchase the My Cloud Mirror drive.