My Book Duo - Unknown Security State: ff

Support stated that the blinking red light on the power was a raid partition failure and that my data was fine.
They told me to try third party tools, I purchase two of them and both do not see the disks.
I was told there was corruption, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

When I attempt to lock the drive it says unknown security state ff.
When I open it with the WD utilities it tells me the drive is not set up and to format the drive.
So my question is What does the slow blinking red light mean?
Is this an enclosure problem?
I’m terrified that I lost 4TB of data on a RAID 1 drive that I purchased to protect my data.
Please someone help…

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You can see this support link which will tell you the exact reason-

To know about the LED status please follow this link-