My Book Duo questions

Hi There,

I need some help as I am having difficulties in contacting the help desk either by raising a case or on the phone.

I recently bought the product and I have the following challenges:

1/ The software does not seem to automatically load when I log in every day - which means I have to manually open the software up every day - this defeats the purpose of continuous backup function (without the user intervention)

Question: how can the software start the backup automatically without the user intervention right after login?

2/ I ran out of disk space.

a/ Can I manually delete the files (as I cannot see a way to delete the files through the backup/restore software

b/ Can I upgrade by swapping the internal harddrives with larger hard drives without affecting the warranty validity and/or compromise the product technically?

Many thanks


Open MSCONFIG and ensure WD SmartWare is enabled under start-up items. That should allow for the application to start with the system. If it is already enabled, then it’s possible it’s crashing during start-up and that’s why it needs to be manually opened.

A) The WD SmartWare backup can become corrupted due to user manipulation. This would result in WD SmartWare needing to start over.

B) I would recommend direct assistance from a WD Tech. Support agent for clarification and guidance purposes related to this procedure, if possible.



Have you found an answer to 2B yet?  I have been searching for 30 minutes and can’t find a clear answer anywhere.

My client wants to take out the standard 2x3TB and replace them with 2x4TB (still WD Greens, just larger capacity).