My Book Duo not ejecting?

I’ve only been using My Book Duo on my Windows 7 PC for about a week. When trying to eject My Book Duo a window pops up and says it can not eject (safely turn off) because it’s using a program this is still running. But all other programs are closed. I can’t find what program could possibly be running so I have to leave Duo running while I put my computer to sleep or turn it off. Then I unplug My Book Duo’s USB from the computer. After I turn the computer back on I plug the USB in again. After 4 or 5 minutes My Book Duo is recognized. So far I’ve been getting away with this method but don’t want to keep rising it.

I thank you in advance for any info is solving this issue.


Do you have automatic backup software running in the background? That is known to cause problems.

Hi Joe, I did have automatic back up on but it seemed to cause other issues and make my PC run much slower, so I disabled it.