My Book Duo makes my iMac to crash

Hi, my My Book Duo 8 TB used to be my iMac’s Time Machine. After buying a new disk, I deleted all the datas from my My Book Duo. Since the drive is empty, it makes my iMac to freeze and crash.
When the disk is plugged, the Mac freezes, and restarts after a few seconds.
I tried to formate the disk through Apple Disk Utility > still freezing and crashing.
I tried to formate through WD Drive Utilities > still freezing and crashing.
I tried to follow those instructions [] > still freezing and crashing.
Any idea?

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My 2017 MacBook Pro is crashing overnight on a regular basis since adding the WD Duo 12GB. I’m running the two drives without RAID. I formatted them as JBOD using Disk Utility. At first I formatted using WD Utility, but that caused even more crashing.

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What macOS version are you having this problem? I recommend installing WD Drive Utilities on a PC, then reformatting both drives with the RAID functionality. WD Drive Utilities on Mac has always had a lot of problems and they still haven’t updated the application for Catalina. You won’t get support from WD on this forums or via email.

Same problem !!! :frowning:
My IMac Pro crashes when I use my WD Thunderbolt duo 8TB after installing Big sur OS

Hello everyone from Istanbul

I have 5 External HD plugs and they are all active, my computer hasn’t shut down for an hour and I can work. The problem seems solved

1- I download NTFS for Mac program (from Apple Store), and run it (The program was not expensive and I bought it)
2- In the NTFS window that opens you will see all installed Drives, in the list go to My Book Thunderbolt Duo 8TB and disable Spotlight indexing. (If you know of any other way to turn off Spotlight indexing, try it. I ran away for the effortless job)

and… my computer screen does not freeze anymore and my computer does not turn itself off… :))

I’ve been struggling for a week now and can’t understand why the Apple team has been unable to fix this problem. Especially why the WD company cannot support its product, it is another question. :frowning:

I hope you can solve this problem too.


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My book duo 12tb locks my 2018 mac mini up.