My Book Duo issue after power failure

My Book Duo installed as RAID 1 with lots of precious RAW photos. Now enclosure seems to have gone after power failure. It is still under warranty and WD are willing to replace the unit however they cannot deal with the Data. I desperately need these photos. Can someone please suggest the best way. If I get a new book Duo and insert these two drive, will I see my files? I tried EaseUS software and I can see almost 700GB of .SWF file. I haven’t saved any animation file on this drive. I am pretty sure they are my RAW photo file but well confused why they are saved as .swf file. Appreciate your help guys.

It depends on how your unit was configured. RAID 0 (Fused drives in a single volume) is unfortunately not recoverable by design, and the entire volume is lost if either drive or the enclosure fails.

RAID 1 (Mirror) allows for individual hard drive failure fault tolerance, but the data can be recovered by accessing the hard drives directly.

How was your unit configured?