My Book DUO hasn't worked 4 days in a row since I got it in July

I don’t know anything about external backups but I know mine hasn’t worked since I bought it in July. I hate this thing and I am angry that I spent over $360 for it. I have had my nephew over 7 times to fix it. It works for a few days then doesn’t. He said it is most likely a lemon and I should contact Western Digital but there is no place to contact them.
Hello is anyone there?

Just curious @JKP, what exactly isn’t working? Your post is very vague and if you are looking for help, you need to be more specific! :smiley: Explain what you are trying to do, the steps you are taking, and then what you anticipated to happen. Maybe someone from the community will have enough information to offer some useful insight. If your device is still under warranty, maybe contact WD Support instead?