My Book Duo for off-line backup

I am interested in using My Book Duo (in RAID-1 configuration, encrypted) for doing off-line backups of my Windows 8.1 Pro computer, i.e. switch the MBD on for doing a manual backup and switch it off again. I will be doing weekly backups, so the MBD will be off most of the time. I have been doing this with a (single) external USB HDD but I like the redundancy of MBD.

My question is: Can MBD be switched on and off while the computer is running or must the computer be switched on and off as well?

The MBD does not have an on/off switch. If you use the safely remove hardware wizard in windows to eject it, you can then remove it from the PC until you need it again.
You can look over the user manual for any other information you want to find out.

Thanks for the response! A somewhat different issue, the user manual says MBD is compatible with Windows 8.

Will MBD be compatible with my Windows 8.1 Pro computer?

Edit: I think that the different issue requires a new thread, I’ll do that with a more complete question.

It is compatible with 8.1 and 10