My Book Duo Folder identification & content

I am using as a backup device a new 16TB my book duo for the first time.

As background info…I only have a small dropbox account, so need to use the capacity of this drive. Google drive would have been perfect, but this functionality isnt available, and isnt planned.

I must say it DOES slow down the PC functionality…which is surprising using a I5/16 GB RAM machine.

Anyhow, the folder that idenitifies the my book duo lists software setup files, other software and manuals (the latter which I had downloaded before seeing this)…how and where to I see the backup files?

Second and final question is, is streaming access available for other devices …on the same network, for this device (and how does one connect to the network)?

Thanks in anticipation of some guidance,


Automatic backups are handled by either WD SmartWare or WD Backup. Once the application has successfully completed a backup you’ll see the files in a folder called SWSTOR.

No. This hard drive does not feature network-related access at the time of this post. If you have a router that supports USB devices you are free to try it, but depending on your router it may not accept the unit’s file system, RAID level or size.

If it does then I’d recommend consulting your router’s user manual in order to verify the appropriate steps to follow in order to install and configure your unit for local networking.

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Thank you Trancer.
These were labelled ‘wd.backup.swstor’ & ‘wd.smartware.swstor’…It would appear therefore I have two such files.

I am still learning the NAS process (and the “L” plates are flapping).

What do most of your contacts use with backups? continuous or periodical?

I ran the diagnostic (full) on the 16tb nas and it took over a day (36 hours)…this after I gave it over a day to do a back of my main hard drive (a SSD)… I gave up after 2 days.
To back up the same drive to an external WD drive via ‘backup manager’ (an external program) took less than two hours.
Is it normal to be THIS SLOW?

The compressed backmanager file was less than 100GB, so not sure why the new NAS drive took so long.
They are both using USB 2.0
Is it compressing or verifying each backed up file…or something like that?

A video for newbies like myself from WD would be a great help.
As I even not sure why there are TWO back up functions.

On the other point you kindly answered, it is disappointing that these files are not available to other devices, of on the same network, and it seems strange they can be saved to the cloud (albeit only dropbox), yet not have this functionality.
I say ‘only dropbox’…as I am a fan of Google drive…far easier to use and accessible/cheaper etc

I was advised to suggest this (development of Google Drive inclusion), via the correct wd medium, did so…and heard nothing more.

Look forward to any further comments, clarification Trancer.