My Book DUO don't recgonize TOSHIBA like a compatible disk

My Book DUO showed a problem related with a disk in RAID 1(FAILED DISK).

I bought a new disk, TOSHIBA 3TB 7500rpm, more fast than failed disk. So, now I have a RAID1 with 2 disks: (A) - TOSHIBA 3TB 7500rpm and (B), WD 3TB GREEN 5400rpm.

When I turn on My Book DUO, a few minutes later a get a RED LIGHT.

Are there some limit about use different rpm or manufactured by other companies?

I refuse to accept that I can not use disks of other companies, or faster than.

Hello wagnerpinheiro,

Yes, you cannot use two different RPM drives on a my book duo device. You need to make sure both of the drives are of same capacity and model.