My book Duo 3 flashing lights -- HELP ME!

I have a 8tb my book duo. I just moved and was extremely careful with the drive. I didn’t even put it in a box, hand carried it. It was working perfectly fine at old place. I plugged it in at new place and I have 3 blinking red lights. Normally I hear the whirring sound of it starting up and there is no sound. I’m wondering if I bought a new plastic housing of ebay and dropped the old drives in would that fix it. I cant loose this data.
any help would be greatly appreciated. (please note that I am not a techie so any help needs to spelled out in dummy language :smiley: )

You can refer the link mentioned below to troubleshoot for the issue.

If still the issue persists, your My Book Duo drive may have gone bad.

You can replace the in warranty drive from the link given below.

If you have important data stored in the drive, you can contact WD approved Data recovery companies to recover your data stored in the drive before replacing the drive.