My Book Drive Failure?

So all of a sudden (and it was very sudden) my drive just stopped working.  It still shows up in the device manager but no drive shows up in my computer.  I attempted to check the partitions on the drive and got this.

This message pops up

And when I try to initialize

I attempted to hook it up to another computer and same deal.  I’m thinking the hdd failed on me but I wanted to double check before I send it in (it’s still under warranty thank goodness).  The only problem is I’m going to be losing about a TB worth of data.

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You might want to look into something like CGSecurity TestDisk.  It’s a free download (with suggested donation), and I just used it this afternoon to repair a drive with a damaged partition table, which suddenly showed up as “unallocated” like yours.

Took about 2 or 3 minutes for the program to fix the partition table.

I didn’t lose anything.

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Thanks for the suggestion but it didn’t work.  I guess the drive really did fail on me.


This unit was working with a different OS, such as Mac?

I don’t have any access to any other OS.  I only have windows based machines in the house.