My Book drive failure, anything to be done?

Hi all,

My drive recently seems to have failed. I could no longer access through Windows Explorer, and couldn’t bring up the dashboard. Strangely, I could see my files using dos, and also could still watch some movies using my Shield.

I tried pulling the plug and restarting, but now I no longer see it on the network. Before I pulled the plug, it had a blinking green light, now it’s a solid blue.

Is there anything I can do? Any advice is appreciated.

Hi @fred99,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

Hi Keerti,
I haven’t opened a case, I thought since the drive is after end of support, they wouldn’t be able to do anything. But it wouldn’t hurt to ask them, thanks for mentioning.

I have been reading other posts, and saw how to do a reset, which I did, but had no effect.
Still solid blue light, with intermittent yellow flash.
Also noticed the drive is quite warm along the top.
I notice the network LED at the back are flashing normally, which means there’s a network connection, so it’s strange I can’t see the drive on the network.
I’ll try attaching directly to the computer, just to see if anything pops up.


I tried attaching the drive to my computer, but the computer doesn’t see it, although the LED shows that there is a connection.

The blue light comes on immediately when I plug in the power, so obviously it’s not going through any bootup processes.

I guess it’s done.

If anyone has any other suggestions, I’d welcome them.


Where did you look ?

Windows Explorer or Windows Disk Management ?

My Books have hardware encryption … if you remove the hard drive from the enclosure and connect it to a PC then the drive and it’s contents will not be recognized in Windows Explorer without a decryption key.

If the Hard Drive is not faulty, then it will/should appear in Disk Management … but the only option available will be to format/partition it. Which your PC will then recognize in Windows Explorer, but of course … all Data on the hard drive will be gone.

Hardware encryption is true for the My Book but not for the My Book Live. WD is fond of using similar names for completely different products.

My Book: WD My Book External Desktop Hard Drive Storage 3 TB - 18 TB | Western Digital
My Book Live:

Hi JoeySmyth,

I had looked in Explorer, (expected to see something under network) but now I looked in Disk Management, just in case.
It’s a MyBookLive, so it’s connected by ethernet.

I do hear it rumble a bit and vibrate if I get close and listen, but like I said, LED immediately goes to blue, so I take that as meaning it’s not booting properly. I’ll have to research later how to remove the drive.

Anyway, thanks for your help, and nice seeing you again.