My Book Doesn't Recognize Previously Backed up Files


I installed new win7 version (from home to ultimate). Before new installation I had My Book connected and automatic backup on.

C and D partition were backed up. D partition stayed the same, with only minor changes in new files. C partition is system, so it’s completely changed…and it’s not really important to be backed up because I don’t keep amy docs there.

After the new win installation, I installed WD again. In My Book folders I can see all previously backed up files. But when WD finished with analyzing and I clicked Start Backup (for D partition) I expected it to recognize all previously backed up files and only update the new ones. But it actually created a new folder and started a backup of 500GB…which are already there, only in different folder…

Is there a way to “direct” WD to previous folders locations, so it can recognize them and just update new files? Otherwise, My Book is gonna be full of duplicates…




Some software versions allow to keep the old backup structure that’s of course if you are updating from a recent version as well.

This does not happen when updating from an earlier software build. It seems that in your case, the software version that was updated will not allow you to keep the same backup structure that you had.

Certain users have decided to start the backup from scratch but others have kept the old backup and the new backup.

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Thanks for your reply John012.

So in my case there are two options that you mentioned… Neither seems elegant to me for the future. However, your reply is totaly OK.

Is there any portable app that could take care of continuous backup?