My book crashed / won't work

Another fun thread to join the hundreds of others.

I use my external mostly for music / video like everyone else, and i hadn’t really had any problem until today. After i unlock the disk, either it won’t appear or will appear as a drive H. Opening my computer after unlocking will often crash windows (7, 64bit). 

Disk management will crash or hang indefinatly  when i try to access it with the drive plugged in. If i let it load then plug it in every other disk appears instantly, and when plugging it in it appears as Disk 2, 465gbs unallocated. Unlocking the disk will then crash disk management.

I’ve swaped out usb cables, power cables and updated the firmware, i’ve rebooted, power cycled and tried multiple computers.

Any help would be appretiated.


If Disk Management is showing the drive as unallocated you will to format the drive in order to use it.-

Once i format will i be able to recover any data? How would i go about formating?

well when the drive is formatted you will lose the data, however before formating the drive search on the web to see if you can find a software that allows you to recover data after formatting a drive