My Book connecting with eSata; drive is not recognized by my computer


I have been using my drive for some 2+ years with usb and fire wire, so I know it works.

I just bought a new computer with eSata so I am trying to connect that way. 

The cable is in, the power is on, but my computer does not recognize it.  I have snooped around the forums and google with limited info to help.  I have rebooted with it in, and nothing…

Can someone help point me in the right direction!?  I am windows 7 ultimate 64bit .

Thanks!!!  Thanks!!!

From my experience, the drive is not recognized when using intel repid storage drivers.

Other common problem is the e-sata cable, where most user find it work by cutting out the plastic of the connector head by few millimeter  (on the metal end, just cut it gently)