My Book causing monitor to go black?

Just bought a new 4TB My Book today to use for storing my iTunes library. It seems to be causing my monitor to go dark periodically, though. This is a brand new computer (I’ve had it just under 2 weeks…Windows 10) and this problem only started after connecting the My Book. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!

I had a thought…when I connected the My Book I also installed all of the software that came with it. I’m using a smaller My Passport Ultra and it works great, but I never installed the software for that one. Is there a chance that it is the software that is causing my monitor to turn off and on and not the device itself?

I’ve had my computer stop sending a video signal one time I plugged in the 5TB My Book while running Windows 7. The effect is that the monitor goes black with its power LED blinking like it does when the monitor is on standby or the computer is off.

I’ve used a variety of USB storage devices and this never happened before. I wonder if it could be due to a bug in the WD SES driver, which none of the other devices use.