My Book causes computer to freeze

Hello.  I have a 500GB MyBook that has worked well with my computer.  However, I recently had to format my computer and reinstall windows xp.  Now, when I try to startup with the MyBook plugged in, the computer won’t start up all the way and it freezes.  If the computer is already on and I plug in the MyBook, i get a message saying I should use USB 2.0, and then my computer freezes.  When I unplug the MyBook, the computer starts responding again.  Is there a driver that I need to install that might fix this, or is it more in depth than that?

Hi there, there are drivers for the newer MyBooks but may not work for the one you have, can you share the full model number?

On the other hand, since this started to happen after you reinstalled Windows XP it is possible that the computer needs to be fully updated again in order to correct internal issues on the OS. Try to check as well if there are driver updates for the USB ports on your computer.

That’s what I would do.

I have every update except for the .NET framework.  I’m working on that one now.

The hard drive is WD10000H1C8.  I have a HP Pavilion zd8000 laptop with Windows XP.  I looked on the HP website and don’t see any USB updates.  I would have to find the original discs to see if there are any other USB drivers.