My Book broken housing not recognized in other housing


I got a my book 8TB and the housing was broken so ik took it out of the housing. I didn’t send it back because the housing was broken. So I thought I putt in a external housing but My Imac had a problem recognizing the my book. In disk utility it says not activated. so I have now a brick of 8tb.
somebody knows how to get this one activated?
mdl is wd80ezaz-11tdba0
date 24 sep 2018

My Books feature hardware encrpytion … you can’t remove it from it’s original case, put it in another and access your data.

it’s not “bricked” … the OS will report the disk needs to be “initialized” ie. formatted before you can use it (you will of course, lose your data)

I have found solution, connected to a pc could format it as exfat now its recognized by pc en Mac.
thnx for the reply.