My book av with sa exlorer 8300 hdc

considering the av for my sa 8300hdc.  any current experience with this combo?  most posts on the net are a few years old so looking for current success or failures.

Not sure dude

there was a DVR expander from WD that was specifacaly build for this DVR

I’m not sure if the My Book AV will work, but again, trial an error

you can always returned if it does not work

Happy New Year to all.


I’m a newbie (1st post) and just like many others out there I am frustrated with the lack of space in my SA8300HD.


I receive my digital data via Brighthouse in the south Tampa Bay (Manatee) area.


I have stumbled upon some info that users out there may find helpful in determining why their My Book or other expander has a “hit or miss” success rate and also why they only work intermittently or not al all.


Here is a list of the possible 11 Scientific Atlanta devices you should have:


8300HD, 8300MR, 8300HD-MR, SA8300, 8300C, 8300HDC, 8300C, 8240

8240HD, SA8240C, SA8240HDC


These units should be formatted to 1 of the following 3 software packages and how well they communicate with your expander hard drive:


SARA (fully compatible), Navigator or Passport (might be compatible)


I think that this is why we are seeing a whole range of feedback from posters; there’s the guy whose unit works flawlessly, the lady that has it work one time but not another unless she reboots, and the unfortunate man who can’t get his unit to work at all.


To determine which software your Scientific Atlanta cable box is running, look at the bottom of the Interactive Program Guide. You will see labels for three buttons–A, B and C–as follows:


                                      A                           B                          C


SARA                Browse by               Date             (back arrow)


Navigator    Access menu     Find shows     (not labeled)


Passport             Time                     Theme            Search


I got all of this infor from a site called WeaKnees which caters to TIVO users but I think it may be the answer to many posters’ compatibility questions.


Good Luck!