My Book AV-TV 1TB drive utilities not accessible after NTFS format

Yesterday I Connected my new wd drive to my Sony Bravia smart tv. which formats the drive for Sony. The drive goes to sleep after 30 mins The tv timer record won’t start the drive while asleep, so I reformatted in full into NTFS on my win 10 pc . I have now, downloaded the WD drive utilities and unzipped them. When clicking the WD Drive Utilities icon on my desktop, a blank screen appears with the message "Attach a supported WD drive.
IAll I want to do is disable hibernate on the drive. Can anyone help please

Hi Roy22,

Can you please help us with the model number of the drive so that we can check the compatibility of the drive with WD Drive Utilities.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for getting back to me.

The model number isWDBGLG0010HBK-EESN.

I eventually returned the drive to Amazon, as the manual was not at all helpful for the AV-TV

drive. I have re- ordered and received another same-model drive.

Thanks to Sony support, I have discovered that timer recording works perfectly on the WD drive with KDL-42W651A, as long as all hdmi connections are turned off.

Just for interest, is there anyway to get the disk recognised by all the WD software if I one day want to use it on Win 10?

Thanks again,

Roy Benton

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Hi Roy22,

This drive (WDBGLG0010HBK) is not compatible with WD Drive Utilities, that is why it is not getting recognized by WD Drive Utilities.

Please refer to the link given below in order to check the compatibility of the WD Drive with WD Software.