My Book appears to be dead

I have plugged it into the electrical socket and connected to my PC but it appears totally dead and unresponsive, and does not show up on my PC. How do I figure out what is wrong with it?


You could refer to the following link:

you know i was going to ask a question some one might know because i was going to buy the
“WD My Book Duo 8TB RAID USB 3.1 (Gen 1 Type-C) 3.5” Desktop External Hard Drive - Black"
but almost every where i go on the net some one has problems with this unit, either they can’t read the dam drive any more or because the thing just won’t turn on.
This doesn’t sound very secure to me, in fact scares me.
i think this unit is a lemon, so far i seen about 8 youtubers report how they got screwed because they can’t either read their drive any more or it died, one fellow wrote that these units after about a year of using them the Encryption chip over heats when you transfer alot of large files like video files like ones that are 300 BG or larger, then once the chip burns out your screwed it won’t read the drive.
My question was is it possible to install this thing and set it up where it won’t encrypt the drives?
well doesn’t matter after all the reports of people having problems with this unit, i say no thanks to this product… I will never get it , i don’t trust it…