My Book and Vista

My External Hard drive has been working for over a year on current lap top. Was transferring files earlier this week and the drive name went to a generic name and I no longer had access to unit. I almost paid to have the unit recovered when a friend asked me if it was a OS issue or hard drive issue. Turns out my MY Book will no longer works on any PC with Vista.

Has anybody else had this problem?

Is it fixable?

Will formormatting work?

I have purchased a new HD and have transferred /copied all information but would still like to continue using the current one as a prime and new as back up.

If you have gotten your data off, the first thing to try is formatting the drive. It’s possible it’s just a case of corruption. If that doesn’t solve the issue, write back and we’ll go from there. One other thing to try is replacing the data cable - odd things can occur if theres a bad cable.