My Book and Norton- SO CONFUSING- help!

I am so confused. I was running Norton 360 daily to my WD My book, using it as a backup external drive. Now I’m looking through My Book to locate some photos that I had transferred over and I can not locate them. All the files are shown in subfolder that are part of the main folder titled N360 Backup. Here’s the catch, when I go to the list of folders they are all in sequence titled {1; {2; {3 etc. and when I click on the file it opens to a list of files that are all titled with approx 20 numbers, when I click to open it asks what program I want to open it in.

In order to view these files am I suppose to restore back onto my computer using the Norton Backup Software? I’m nervous about making the wrong move and loosing all of my photos.

I don’t know anything about Norton’s backup software, but that may be how the software creates its backups.  You will most likely need to go into the program and see where you can view your data on the drive.  I’d also contact Norton and see what they say.

Norton causes conflicts. May I recommend Acronis and/or Paragon software for backups. Been using them for years and they are wonderful. Norton is old, resource hog and unreliable…