My Book 8TB exFAT formatting question

Hi. I have a question about formatting drives for maximum compatibility between a Macbook Pro and 2 PCs (one running Vista 64 bit and the other running windows 7. exFAT seemed to be the logical resolution but I was unable to format my new 8TB WD drive to exfat on my Macbook Pro running OSX Version 10.8.5. I was also unable to format the drive on my Vista computer. Both attempts to format on both computers finished with an error. I could however format the drive to exFAT on the Windows 7 computer but then the 8TB drive no longer worked in Windows Vista. Vista prompts me when the drive is first plugged with, “the drive must be formatted to be used”. At which point I tried formatting the drive but the format again failed. Everything I’ve read says that exFAT should be compatible across most recent operating systems including Vista, Windows 7 and OSX. What am I missing or could I be doing differently?

Thank you!


Make sure that the windows vista has all the updates available since ExFat came out after windows vista.

I currently had service pack 1 and service pack 2 installed but it still did not work. These 2 vista computers are not usually connected to the internet so I might be missing something.